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The Capitol Ombudsman Program serves

Fulton, Cobb and Douglas Counties



  Capitol LTCO Staff



Capitol LTCO Program

225 Cameron Road

McDonough, GA 30253

Office: (404) 627-1057

Fax: (404) 627-1064

Email: info@cltco.org


Greg Jolly(404) 668-6433

LTCO Coordinator             

Representative of the OSLTCO

Email: gjolly@cltco.org

Area: Douglas, South Cobb and South Fulton


Toni Jolly - (404) 441-8418

Volunteer Coordinator

Representative of the OSLTCO

Atlanta and South Fulton

Email: tjolly@cltco.org


Toi Rawls - (404) 441-0917

Representative of the OSLTCO

Email: trawls@cltco.org

Area: North Cobb and North Fulton Counties




             Area Map of Fulton, Cobb and Douglas







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