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Christian Counseling Services of Georgia (CCSGA) was established in April of 2012. CCSGA began by offering counseling services to the Atlanta metro community and in a short period of time, we built a reputation of providing affordable counseling to individuals from all walks of life, rich or poor, regardless of their religious beliefs. CCSGA became a nonprofit counseling service in 2015, dedicated to helping individuals struggling with the challenges and difficulties of life.


            In 2016 as a result of restructuring CCSGA became the provider of the Capitol Region of the Georgia Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.  This program had been previously administered for many years by the Atlanta Regional Commission in conjunction with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is mandated by the Older Americans Act and Georgia law. The LTCO's goal is to provide advocacy services to residents of long term care facilities.  The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program will be mostly funded through limited State, Federal and local dollars; but additional funding is needed for this program to adequately serve and monitor this community of 282 personal care homes, 37 nursing homes, 22 community living arrangement homes; with a total of approximately 12,000+ residents.  The Ombudsman Program, unlike the counseling service, generates no revenue, as this is a free advocacy service offered to residents of long-term care facilities. 




Greg Jolly, LTCO Coordinator

Capitol Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program





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